H-Line Introduction

The H-line Trade Show System grows with you…

That’s correct, weather you are new exhibitor or have a limited budget . You can begin building display system with essentials to get started. In future, you can add new modules and functions as per your requirement.

Panoramic H-Line is a revolutionary modular exhibit system which offers a seamless fabric graphic, completely covering the display structure. With combination of modern sleek looking aluminum profile structure with high quality dye-sublimation fabric printing makes your brand strands out at trade show event.

Each module is designed based on specific function – module includes TV mounts, Counters, secure storage, shelving, meeting tables, light box and more! This system designed with simple, tool-free assembly! Building your custom designed H-line booth is quick and easy by choosing wide range of available modules that offer booth a functions and the form.

Same set of frame modules – build different configurations! Yes, it is possible with Panoramic H-line modular display system. It is always ready to adapt a different exhibit size, space and environments. 100% of the display booth surface is dedicated to your brand and message. Panoramic H-line modular graphics fully cover the display area allowing your brand and message uninterrupted. The structure will remain behind your beautifully printed fabric graphics.

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We create personalized design of your very own custom display configuration. Imagine how an H-line booth kit dazzles with your brand and actually feel the product in the exhibition.